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Help the DVSA to develop MOT reminder service

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is inviting the trade to try out a new service it is developing to help owners get their vehicles MOT’d on time.

The invitation comes in a blog by an MOT Service Manager. It points out that at any one time, up to 28% of cars will be overdue an MOT. Research shows that the vast majority of these aren’t down to people deliberately not getting an MOT – rather, they just need to be reminded to get it done on time.

The DVSA wants to make sure these vehicles get to the trade on time so that dangerous faults are found and drivers can get them fixed.

The DVSA writes:

Drivers will be able to sign up to get an email one month before the MOT is due. They’ll get another email if they still haven’t had the vehicle tested two weeks before the MOT is due.

All they’ll need to sign up is their vehicle’s registration number and an email address.

We’re still hard at work developing the service, so in the version we’ve built so far, you won’t initially be able to get reminders for a vehicle that:

  • is less than three years old
  • doesn’t have a current MOT
  • needs more than one MOT a year, such as taxis
  • needs an annual test instead of an MOT, such as lorries, buses and coaches

However, we’re working through this list to make sure that as many people as possible will be able to use the service.

The DVSA is asking for feedback before it starts asking more drivers to test the service.  Try the new service.

You’ll see that the service has a ‘beta’ label at the top of the page. It means you’re looking at the first version of a new service that’s still being tested – it may not work for everyone. During the beta phase, services are continually tested and improved.

There’s a link to a feedback survey on every page, so do leave your ideas, or leave a comment here on this blog post.

There’s more to do

We think that there’s a great deal of potential to offer reminders in ways that meet the needs of the millions of drivers in Great Britain.

For example, as well as offering email reminders, we’ll also look at other methods, such as text messages.

When we’re ready to launch the service

There’s lots more user research and testing to do before we formally launch the service.

When it’s ready to launch, we’ll run a consumer campaign so that drivers know about the service. And we’ll make it really easy to find on GOV.UK.

So until then, do give the service a try, and let us know what you think.


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