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Hill shepherds?

E letter / Opinion

Paul Clarke is the proactive owner of Moonraker Motorcycles in Norwich. Never a man lost for words or spotting the opportunity to promote sales.

He contacted not only his local MP in Norwich, but three others in adjoining East Anglia constituencies to suggest ‘scooters and motorcycles’ as alternative transport when the effects of Covid 19 became clear.

As the MCIA correctly suggested we could ‘Unlock our Freedom’ and it seems like we are doing exactly that with fast recovering sales.  MAG, the NMDA and other trade suppliers and contributors to BDN had been incensed with the sole reference to ‘cycling and walking’ as the only suggested alternative to commuting. Who came up with the daft suggestion that you can actually walk or cycle (say 5 or 10 miles each way) every day as an average commute? Unless you are a hill shepherd!

Clarke also interestingly suggested in a letter to BDN Reaction Pages last year that “we will never sell motorcycles and scooters in any volume, till we are all skint again” referring back to his own youth and experience of affordable two wheels.

Quite prophetic in a way and echoes perhaps the future for many.  At the same time, in the most bizarre way, opens doors for our long enduring affordable transport and leisure personal choice. So, all this energy and enthusiasm from our supply chain of manufacturer through to rider is commendable and encouraging, but a careful read of the Department for Transport dilatory response below casts a serious doubt.

Politically it is traditionally acceptable speak it seems, to develop a ‘close working relationship’ and ‘meaningful dialogue’ but the reply below makes me think it side steps the efforts of those individual MP’s who represent the people, sadly to the filing cabinet rubbish bin at the DfT.

We have a regulated two-wheel product that conforms to the latest emission rulings. So why are we not recognised as a valuable contributor to the economy and a solution that will take workers to employment in safety now?

Why don’t we ban all internal combustion engines so we can totally decarbonise the soon to be skint Great Britain anyway?  Of course, electric propulsion will be the future in years to come but it may have to take it’s turn with the High Speed HS2 train that has consumed billions already.

The solution of course remains as it has from March 23rd this year.  Leave it to the enterprising rider and switched on dealer, repairer and suppliers doing what they do best – controlling their own destiny.



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