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Honda Six 'best bike I've ridden', says guy martin

Guy Martin says that the Honda Six is the most amazing motorbike he’s ever ridden. He put the bike, to be displayed at the H&H classic bike sale on 2 September and valued at £450,000, through its paces over eight laps at Castle Combe in Wiltshire in July.

The Honda-Six with an engine capacity of just 297cc is a technological marvel with pistons the size of thimbles, 24 valves and an 18,000 rpm rev-ceiling. In the 1960s it dominated 250 and 350 GPs (winning the 1966 250 crown by the season’s midway point).

George Beale of H&H Classics, its builder and owner (pictured with Guy), says: “Guy’s view on this bike is not unique. Mike Hailwood told me that this was the best bike he had ever ridden.”

The bike is one of eight super expensive RC174 replicas built by George Beale who says he was a bit nervous when Guy threw his leg over the bike. “I’m always nervous when they go out,” smiled Beale wryly. “Guy is such a character and I have been very impressed by his mechanical knowledge. I think the combination of Guy and the Honda Six is the best you could imagine to attract the public’s attention. He has achieved his ambition now, and so have I.”

Guy said as he explained how he felt about the outing. “I went to sleep nervous and I woke up nervous. There have only been three bikes in history I have really wanted to ride, the Britten and my Pikes Peak Suzuki, which I’ve ridden – and now the Honda Six. And it was better than I ever thought it would be.

“George told me not to do more than 16,000 revs but I had to roll off everywhere just to keep it to 16 because it just wants to go,” laughed the Lincolnshire ace after his stint aboard the screaming 250. “I was expecting it to be a nightmare to keep singing, but although it isn’t the most usable bike, it was alright. It is half usable and it really goes.”

Hailwood came to define the Honda Six, and Guy was delighted to take part in the weekend’s tribute to Mike the Bike.

(Original article by Stephen Davidson & Phil West of MCN Magazine)



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