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industry needs focused campaign on scooter mopeds

The industry needs a focused campaign to promote scooter moped sales, according to vehicle history site My Car Check.

The moped sector is the one disappointment in a booming market and registrations in all other sectors have continued to rise in March.

Its trade motorcycle expert, Rob Hobson, comments: “The increased level of new bike registrations has been maintained in March as a result of strong demand, fuelled no doubt by the arrival of some exciting new models.

“It is important to report that all style sectors are showing increases year on year, with the naked-bike style showing the biggest growth. It would be great if this level of uplift could be maintained.

“Perhaps the only disappointing figure was the decline in scooter moped sales. It is frustrating to see this sector, renowned for periods of boom and bust, continuing to fall. This entry level on to two wheels is so important to our market in terms of potential volume sales. We really need to see a focused campaign to highlight to benefits of scooter moped riding, for 16 year olds especially.

“Given that there has always been a significant level of manufacturer-induced dealer pre-registration, particularly at this time of year when first quarter results are being chased, it is worth noting that there is thought to be a fairly high number of bikes in the market which fall into this category. The numbers are always difficult to confirm but these new, registered bikes always have a direct effect upon the late-model, true used machines. They need to be watched as they move through showrooms.

“With the clocks on British Summer Time and longer, warmer days ahead, we can expect showroom demand to increase sharply. With the new race calendar under way, now is the time when the used market really picks up, thankfully along with the workshop and accessory sales that boost turnover and cash flow levels as bikes are prepared for weekends, race track visits and holidays ahead.

“As previously reported, there hasn’t been a dramatic fall in used values during the winter months. While retail values have been more flexible, buying prices have been firm, based on the individual model demand, condition and, importantly, history. Looking ahead, we expect to see ticket prices and values increase throughout the market.

“Most would accept that stock has been available to buy in recent weeks, though it certainly has to be worked for. With the increase in demand will come a greater number of buyers, both retail and trade, for what is still a limited pool of bikes out there.

“With a sustained period of growth in the new market will come a welcome increase in used product. There’s currently still not enough clean, low-mileage stock to meet demand across the trade, so values can only remain firm in the short to medium term.” provides buyers and sellers with all the vehicle price data they need.

Pictured is celebrity Katie Price whose endorsement was used by one company to promote sales of small machines.



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