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Kawasaki announces pricing of H2 and H2R

Kawasaki’s 310hp Ninja H2R track-only machine will be priced at £41,000. It will come as standard with front and rear paddock stands and a pair of tyre warmers both underlining the closed-course-only nature of the machine which has been estimated to produce over 325PS with maximum Kawasaki Ram-Air effect.

The fully homologated, road-legal Ninja H2 will cost £22,000, The bikes will be delivered to owners with the very latest Akrapovic curved carbon fibre silencer pre-fitted, further enhancing the visual impact and appeal.

Announcing the pricing structure, Kawasaki UK Sales Manager Craig Watson said: “For Kawasaki this is an engineering and technological tour de force. As a series production machine, each Ninja H2 and H2R is under the care of a single technician during the build and inspection process.

“That means we are looking at the highest degree of craftsmanship and, inevitably, these motorcycles will be manufactured at a much slower rate than any of the production line created products to emerge from our Akashi factory in Japan.

“We expect the first arrivals in March for the road going H2 and further stock of each model to follow closely behind. I am sure that everyone who takes delivery of one of these amazing machines will agree that the tantalising wait was worth it.”


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