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Looking back, moving forward

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Well, it has been 19 months since I retired from repping for Fowlers and hung up my briefcase. Can’t say I’m missing all that traffic!

I still have an interest in what is going on in the trade, keeping in touch with a few of my more friendly customers. I have just been tiding up some paperwork I came across something of interest, over the 30 odd years repping covering a fair bit UK at some time or another, I totted up I had called on 350ish Motorcycle Shops between 1984 through till 2018.

Of those 350 accounts there are only 104 still trading. That is a pretty shocking figure. 

I also came across a list of Honda dealers (from 1976/7 I believe) which I have attached. Check how many of those are still trading.

With the lockdown and most of the trade closed and missing out any bike business, there is going to be a lot of serious catching up to be done.

But all of this “up evil” could be an advantage to the 2-wheel business, social distancing is going to be a nightmare on all public transport.

 So, GET ON A BIKE makes sense. Time for some serious advertising and pro-motion to be done.

Still biking (when allowed)

Dave Mathers


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