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Maxxis Influencers

Maxxis Tyres, is running a UK-only campaign inviting everyday road, off-road motorcyclists and ATV users to become influencers in return for a set of tyres as part of Maxxis’ Let’s Get Real campaign.

Further to years of positive user feedback and impressive recent tyre test results, Maxxis is looking to increase its share of voice by inviting everyday riders and drivers to become influencers for the Maxxis brand.

The campaign is designed to share real-life user experiences and feedback across every product discipline Maxxis offers, to increase Maxxis’ share of voice in the marketplace in an honest and reliable way.

“Many brands both within and outside of the tyre industry recruit celebrities, ex-riders and drivers and on the whole make often expensive deals to promote their products,” says Derek McMartin, Managing Director for Maxxis UK. “We’re looking to do something a little different. Rather than paying someone to say our tyres are good, we want to supply tyres to everyday users and let them share their thoughts, unadulterated by us.”

The positions are open for application from 1st – 31st August 2020, and the chosen influencers will be notified and supplied with their free tyres in September.

Applicants will be able to select which channels they plan to use to promote the tyres, as well as add any other activities they might be able to conduct to help promote the products and the brand. Maxxis will work with the dedicated distributor for each product category to decide which applicants will represent the brand in the best, most effective way.

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