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McAMS backs urgent changes to keep key workers on the road

Motorcycle accident claims management company McAMS is backing calls for urgent changes to CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) testing to ensure thousands of key workers can remain on the road.

Motorcycle test centres do not fall under the government’s business exemption list allowing them to stay working during this current lockdown period, so those riders with CBTs expiring aren’t able to get them renewed. This will force them off the road as they will not be able to legally ride.

McAMS supplies replacement vehicles to those involved in a non-fault accidents who rely on a motorcycle or scooter. This includes large numbers of key workers in the delivery business.

Key workers involved in the delivery business deliver medicines, prescriptions food and other essentials. There are also many key workers for the NHS, emergency services and in education who use their scooters or motorcycles for work.

CBT certificates expire after two years and they need to be retaken again but as test centres have been closed due to the Coronavirus lockdown, no one can retake their CBT certificate. Without a valid CBT, riders are not legally able to ride on the road.

McAMS Sales Director, Valentina Slater said: “This situation is something needing urgent attention and we are already seeing the potential for this to cause issues for large numbers of riders working under the current lockdown situation.

“Key workers are performing amazing work across the country in these unparalleled times and we need to ensure they have all of the support possible.”

McAMS raised the issue with the government agency in charge of licencing and testing, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). A spokesman for the DVSA said: “This situation has been raised and is currently under review at the moment. We hope to update this as soon as possible.”


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