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mcia pledges to continue the fight against ulez

The MCIA says it will fight on in its battle to have motorcycles excluded from the charges introduced in London on 8 April under Transport for London’s ULEZ policy.

The industry body says it is extremely disappointed that Transport for London (TfL) refused to accept the case that PTWs offered a cost-effective, non-congesting and in most cases, low or zero polluting transport solution for cities, and that the mayor’s office has failed to reply to a request for a meeting.

“We certainly haven’t given up on ULEZ and are pressing the mayor’s office for a meeting,” said the MCIA’s communications manager Nick Broomhall, who pointed out that PTWs occupied minimal road space and reduced traffic congestion but were being charged at the same ULEZ rate as single-occupancy 4x4s.

MCIA CEO Tony Campbell said: “The mayor of London and TFL have simply got this wrong. We find it quite incredible that TFL and the mayor continue to discriminate against the users of motorcycles and scooters and to ignore their benefits.”

Meanwhile, Colin Brown, director of campaigns and political engagement for the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), has expressed outrage that motorcyclists in London are being treated as guilty until proven innocent by Transport for London (TfL) and London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Brown said: “In the midst of press hype around the launch of Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ policy, MAG received a quiet email from TfL along with their official press release, stating that ‘the website information for powered two wheelers is also up-to-date’.  While we are happy to see those details – covering the routes for individual exemptions by Certificate of Conformity (CoC) and individual testing – once again we see that TfL is happy to treat bikers as guilty until they jump through hoops and suffer financial burden to prove their innocence.

“TfL’s press release makes no mention of the hard-won concessions that it has been forced to make. Bear in mind that these concessions show that TfL accepts that it is unnecessarily charging many bikers in the first place. I am even more disgusted by the fact that it refuses to announce that it has no intention of reimbursing bikers for the expensive emissions test that can be conducted at a single test station that was not open for business until one day before the ULEZ implementation date, and that it will not reimburse any ULEZ payments made before any individual exemption is agreed.  TfL is therefore blatantly refusing to repay monies that it accepts were never due, and is deliberately hiding the possibility of individuals proving their innocence.”

TfL’s updated details on motorcycles state:

Check your vehicle to see if it meets the standards. If the checker says your vehicle is subject to ULEZ but you think it does meet the standards, follow the steps on the results page to send us proof.
Contact your vehicle’s manufacturer if you’re not sure about its emissions – we will accept supporting evidence from them.
Motorbike emissions testing
We will also accept evidence from test facilities approved by us for measuring NOx emissions. If successful, the test facility will contact us with the results.
Test centres that believe they can offer motorcycle emissions testing to the required standards should email their contact details to [email protected].
Approved centres for motorcycle emissions testing
Riverbank Motorcycles Ltd
Unit 12, Riverbank Business Park
Dye House Lane, Bow
London E3 2TB

The full details can be found at:

Contact MAG at 01926 844 064 or [email protected]


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