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MCIA widens consultation on Brexit: have your say

The MCIA has decided to consult the whole industry as it prepares to negotiate with government on life after Brexit. The association – which comprises manufacturers and importers of powered two-wheelers and the suppliers of associated goods and services in the UK, and which negotiates with government on behalf of the industry – has set up a consultation website and is inviting everyone in the industry, regardless of whether they are MCIA members, to have their say on the future [read Thank BDN It’s Friday eletter for BDN’s reaction to the news].

The industry body has also identified its priorities in the forthcoming negotiations – top of the agenda will be the opportunity to review the licence, training, and testing regime that supports new riders.

Meanwhile, the association held its first special member group meeting earlier this week (Monday, 12 September) at its offices in Coventry. The group will meet regularly and aims to develop a post-Brexit case for motorcycling and to co-ordinate the industry’s response to questions posed by various government departments.

“As businesses and organisations across a number of industries monitor the impact of Brexit, MCIA will use the time to collect views within the wider motorcycle industry through an open comment forum housed at,” said Steve Kenward, CEO.

“The website is open to anyone working in any capacity in the motorcycle industry; they do not need to be a member of the MCIA. It invites people to identify concerns, issues or potential opportunities open to the motorcycle industry on any EU-related matter which can then be fed back to the working group.

“The most common concerns and opportunities will help formulate a cohesive industry response to be translated into recommendations to the relevant authorities, to influence the post-Brexit environment for motorcycling.”

The MCIA’s membership manager, Sandra Dennis, who is co-ordinating the Brexit Special Member Group and open forum website, told BDN: “The website will allow us to collate feedback from everyone in the industry and to work on proposals to help support and promote motorcycling.

“Obviously all work done on behalf of the industry is funded by MCIA members and we would urge those not currently in membership to think about joining at this important stage.”

Meanwhile, on the dealer front specifically, the National Motorcycle Dealers Association is helping the MCIA to collate feedback from the frontline. Steve Latham, head of the dealer association, says: “We are currently collecting members’ observations regarding the UK’s changing relationship with the EU.

“Exiting Europe will create new challenges, issues, concerns for all of us and may  require new systems, procedures and methodologies.

“Both associations are trying to gather as much information as possible over the next six months to form an industry position which can be presented to government. We recognise that issues will be of all types and sizes, but ask you to share any concerns and observations, positive or negative, so that the fullest possible picture can be presented to government.”

BDN urges everyone to make use of the consultation website to ensure the motorcycle industry in the UK makes the most of a future outside the European Union.



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