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met reveals tough tactics against scooter criminals

The Met Police have revealed tough new tactics in the fight against moped gangs, including the deployment of agile motorbikes to chase down suspects and the use of DNA sprays.

Police are using the four F700 BMW bikes to go after scooter riders who use alleyways and rat runs to evade more conventional pursuits.

Scotland Yard said it was using DNA sprays and mobile stinger devices to deflate tyres in the fightback against the scooter gangs behind an epidemic of violence and crime.

Announcing the new tactics on 1 November, Met Commissioner Cressida Dick said they were already making a difference, with police recording a fall in the number of moped offences since July.

She also urged London’s communities to “mobilise” and “channel their outrage” against the thugs to make the streets safer.

She said: “I have been clear that tackling violence is my priority. I was angered by the apparent perception amongst some criminals that they could operate with near impunity, committing strings of offences using scooters.

“We have brought all our tactics and specialists together to use every ethical option to put a stop to the rise; arrest those responsible; disrupt offenders; dismantle the criminal markets that make these offences lucrative and change the public’s behaviour to make them a part of our effort.”

Police say the motorcycles will be ridden by highly trained officers and will be involved more in setting up ambushes for scooter thieves than chasing them through the streets.

One source said: “They will be able to get ahead of scooter gangs and set up traps using the mobile stingers or the DNA spray. It gives us much greater flexibility and movement.”

The action comes as the Met has been battling a surge in the number of moped or scooter linked offences with around 16,000 thefts involving mopeds each year. 


Picture: Met police with the BMW Lightweight GS-P BMW F700 (Credit: Alex Lentati)




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