Monday, June 17, 2024
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Michelin tyre prizes for MX

Michelin has added the Michelin Cup races to the forthcoming Michelin MX Nationals series and, as well as a trophy, the winner will receive a healthy sponsorship package in the form of free rubber – 12 rear and six front tyres. The second place rider will receive six rear and four fronts and the third, four rear tyres and two fronts.

Michelin is also attending every round and offering a free tyre-fitting service for its tyres bought from Dave Clarke Racing at the events. Dates for the six-round series have been finalised and top tracks Hawkstone Park, Foxhills and Canada Heights are included. They are round 1, 21/22 March, Preston Docks; 2. 11/ 12 April, Foxhills; 3. 16/17 May, Culham, 4. 30/31 May, Cusses Gorse; 5. 8/ 9 August, Hawkstone Park; 6.19/20 September, Canada Heights.


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