Thursday, April 25, 2024


Spanish motorcycle and moped manufacturer Rieju has chosen MotoMondo UK as its new British distributor. 

MotoMondo’s parent in the Netherlands already represents Rieju in the Benelux countries, as well as Mash, Royal Enfield and Hyosung. And, as previously reported by BDN, its UK arm has recently relaunched the Mash brand in Britain.

Rieju was previously handled in the UK by Three Cross, until its bankruptcy earlier this year. At that time, distribution was taken over on a temporary basis by Rieju export manager Jamie Masterman, through Urban Moto, to ensure supply continuity of bikes and spares to dealers and their customers. This situation has now been resolved by MotoMondo’s appointment.

MotoMondo is planning to establish a nationwide Rieju dealer network, into which outlets served by the former distributor can be integrated. This will be divided into road, hard enduro and full-range dealerships. They will benefit both from stock held stock in the Netherlands and supplies direct from Rieju’s factory in Spain.

Rieju offers a wide range of models covering a variety of street and off-road segments — from 50cc supermotards through to 300cc race-ready enduro bikes. A recent development was dramatically enhancing its competition presence by taking over two-stroke enduro platforms previously made by GasGas. The Rieju range will be strengthened further in 2021 by introducing two-stroke machines compliant with Euro 5 standards.

Rieju brand backing in the UK by MotoMondo will include presentation at motorcycle shows, as well as press tests and a racing support programme.



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