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nevis success story

Distributor Nevis Marketing has been able to scrap plans to move to larger premises, by increasing the efficiency of its existing warehouse, a software company reports.

MACSwms, which installed the software five years ago, also claims that its systems meant Nevis was able to reduces its warehouse staff by 25% while significantly improving its customer service.

Nevis Marketing is based in Ringwood, Hampshire, stocks around 10,000 lines and is the sole importer for brands including Shark, Furygan and Richa, plus rider-to-rider communications equipment. Over the past 30 years the company has built a network of 550 UK retailers.   

 In 2014, the company decided to respond to a changing market in which customers, accustomed to shopping online, were increasingly requiring next-day deliveries.  It sought to improve picking accuracy, speed of response and space utilisation.  Logistics manager Bradley Pine, said pickers at the time relied on local knowledge to pick accurately and quickly. “This meant that we had to leave locations empty when we were out of stock,” he said. “At the same time, we had nowhere to put new stock that was coming in. MACSwms, however, knows exactly where every item is in the warehouse and so directs staff to the correct location. Now there’s no need for local knowledge and we don’t struggle for space because every location can be fully used.”

 Pine explained that before the system was installed he was expecting to move to bigger premises to accommodate the rapid increase in business and had started using a bulk feeder warehouse to reduce congestion. Five years on, and despite further growth, the introduction of MACSwms has made such a difference that Nevis has no need for bigger premises or the feeder warehouse.

Nevis offers a next-day delivery service and, since the introduction of MACSwms, the company has been able to extend its cut-off time from 12:00hrs to 14:00hrs to provide an even better service for its customers.



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