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new-car market continues to decline

The new-car market continued its downward trend in November, and while alternative fuel vehicles continued to grow significantly, registrations of new diesel cars showed a consistent decline.

New car registrations fell by 11.2 % in November to 163,541 units. Year to date, the market is now 5% lower than last year with a total of 2,388,144 million cars registered. Sales of alternative fuel vehicles rose by 33.1%, petrol was up 5%, while diesel declined by 30.6%.

Sue Robinson, director of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA,) which represents franchised car and commercial vehicle retailers in the UK, said: “The recently announced increase in tax on first registration of all new diesel cars affects the cleanest Euro 6, which in many cases still represent the most efficient and affordable vehicle. By failing to increase Vehicle Excise Duty on older diesel cars, the government is sending a confusing message to consumers that they should not buy a new diesel, but rather stay in their old cars or buy a second hand, dirtier diesel car.

“Positively, the resilience shown by the used car market continues partially to offset the decrease in new car registrations with many consumers considering second-hand cars as the most viable option for them.

“We expect the new car market to continue to perform in line with these results in the last month of the year.”


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