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New owner for Motohaus

After a career spanning five decades in the motorcycle industry, David Gath has made the decision to sell Motohaus Powersports, the company he founded in 1997.

Reflecting on his journey, Gath said: “I never imagined I would dedicate my life to the motorcycle industry, yet I couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling career. The only problem is that I have to avoid conversations about motorbikes because the truth is, apart from riding a dirt bike up a volcano a few years ago in Indonesia, I haven’t ridden one for 35 years!”

Stepping into the new owner and managing director role is Martin King, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience. His career began as an RAF pilot before moving into the world of corporate finance.

David Gath is retiring from running Motohaus

King shares his perspective, saying, “Running my own business has long been an ambition of mine. As I am married to David’s youngest daughter, my close ties to the family presented a unique opportunity when he expressed his intention of retiring.”

To prepare for the transition, King spent six months as the general manager at Motohaus, with Gath as his mentor, imparting valuable insights. He has now assumed the role of managing director, eager to steer the company toward new objectives.

King adds, “We have an exceptional team here at Motohaus, whom I can depend on to maintain operational efficiency while I focus on the broader strategy. At present, we are launching some exciting additions to the Keis Heated Apparel line for the winter season and anticipate an announcement of a significant distribution partnership early next year. Stay tuned!”

Launched in 2009, Keis, wholly owned by Motohaus, stands as one of the leading brands of heated clothing in the UK and is exported across Europe. In addition to Keis, the Hampshire-based distributor boasts ownership of Brühl Dryers and Comfort-Air seats, along with long-standing partnerships with SW-Motech accessories, Sena communications, OptiMate chargers, and Ventura luggage.
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