Monday, July 22, 2024


Well-known motorcycle industry marketing and PR faces Steve Lambert and Nik Ellwood (pictured, left to right) have established a Midlands-based agency together, monikered as We Are Nameless. Its focus will be on the wider automotive sector.

Lambert previously headed international marketing for Harley-Davidson, with prior stints as global head of brand for McLaren Automotive and global head of marketing at Triumph Motorcycles. 

Ellwood has been freelancing extensively for Harley-Davidson on global PR and press launches over the past three years. He was formerly a colleague of Lambert as global PR, sponsorship and events manager at Triumph, and originally cut his bike business promotional teeth at erstwhile apparel and aftermarket accessories giant Frank Thomas.

Commenting on the launch of their joint enterprise, Steve Lambert said: “We have a long history of working together at both Triumph and Harley-Davidson, and share the same vision for creating high-quality work at pace. Nik is big on ideas. I work towards strategy and planning.”

Nik Ellwood added: “It’s a really exciting opportunity to deliver our combined thinking to brands large and small. Everyone says they thrive on a challenge. But we really do. Be it budget, timing, targets or channel mix, it’s really energising to understand what our client objectives are and then work together to help exceed them.”

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