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ohlins asks for dealer help in shock absorber recall

Ohlins is asking for the help of dealers and workshops to speed up a recall on its series TTX RT, TTX GP and TTX 36 Mkll shock absorbers.

The recall started in March 2015 by the Swedish manufacturer but has yet to be accomplished sufficiently according to the authorities. Therefore Öhlins DTC is asking for cooperation and help from its dealers, workshops and end consumers.

The cause for this recall is that the piston-shaft locknut within the damper in some cases has not been torqued at full metal to metal contact. If the piston-shaft locknut becomes loose the result will be a loss of damping and on some applications it can also result in the shock absorber coming apart. Either of these events may surprise the rider in a way that the rider no longer has full control of the motorcycle. For this reason, customers must stop using the motorcycle and return their shock absorber to an official Öhlins service centre, where it will be rectified free of charge.

Affected dampers were produced between 05.11.2013 – 25.03.2015.

The batch numbers from aftermarket shock absorbers can be checked at the following
The batch number from OEM shock absorbers can be checked here:



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