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oset reveals its electric dirtbike range for 2018

Oset Bikes has unveiled its 2018 range of electric motorcycles, which maintain the company’s red, black and white branding.

Sales manager Simon Armstrong said: “We continue to go from strength to strength and have seen sales increase again this year, despite some tough economic conditions. The business trajectory remains positive and we’re looking forward to expanding into new markets next year with the MX-10 and successful Oset 24.0, which we can’t make fast enough!”

There are now 10 models available from Oset. These start with the 12.5 model, aimed at children two to four years old and progress through to the 24.0R, which is a fun bike, aimed at teenagers, adults and all play riders – offering maximum entertainment value. 

Ian Smith, founder and CEO of Oset Bikes, said: “The Eco version of each model is designed to be an entry-level bike while the racing versions always have a significantly higher spec, and that remains the same for 2018.”

Safety is paramount across the whole range, with features that include magnetic kill switches, new waterproofing, chain guards, custom foot pegs and grips for little hands and feet and the ability to adjust power, speed and response to suit children’s ability

Armstrong added: “Oset Cups around the UK have provided an ideal opportunity for people new to trials to access the sport easily. We have seen hundreds of children riding, which bodes well for the health of trials. We were delighted this year to add the Oset Cup North East into the successful series.”

The 2018 range ranges (retail) from £949 for the 12.5 Eco to £3299 for the 24.0 R/Jr.


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