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oxford helps tackle London scooter theft epidemic

Oxford Products is encouraging the riders of small PTWs in London to buy at least one security lock.

The advice from the Witney-based distributor comes on the back of the motorcycle and scooter theft epidemic, with the capital accounting for 31% of all stolen two wheelers in the UK. This year the theft rate has more than doubled.

Scooters are worst hit, with London accounting for 56% of all thefts in the UK this year. Even worse than the theft itself, these scooters are being stolen to commit further crimes. Police records show that gangs on stolen scooters commit 50,000 crimes in London every year.

“It’s time to stop this theft,” Oxford says in a digital message aimed at commuters. “We have to encourage owners to use a decent lock, as over 60% of them use absolutely nothing to secure their scooters. Simply put, a bike that is locked up is less attractive than one which is not.”

Oxford points out there is plenty of space under most scooter seats to fit a lock, and suggests one of its disc locks, or a powerful alarm disc lock, is a good place to start.

It also recommends a strong chain lock to anchor the scooter to a piece of permanent street furniture.

“Clued-up scooter shops are showing owners the benefit of using one (or even two) locks to secure one or both wheels with the result that thieves are choosing other scooters to target,” says Oxford, which appeals to dealers and consumers to pass on the message.

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