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Plug-in grants petition sent to DfT

The Department for Transport is in receipt of the British Dealer News petition calling for the government to implement the promised plug-in grants for electric motorcycles.

The online petition, promoted online and through the pages of BDN, attracted 153 signatories.

It stated: “It’s time for the Department for Transport to honour the pledge it made on 27 March 2015 to include electric motorcycles in the plug-in grants scheme that has long operated for cars, vans and buses.

“The DfT’s delay is blighting sales of electric bikes. Orders for hundreds of e-bikes have been put on hold while potential customers await the introduction of the incentive. The failure to implement the e-bike grants could cost jobs in the motorcycle industry and undermines the Government’s repeated claims to be promoting green transport. Unlike the grants for cars and vans, a plug-in grant for electric motorcycles would also cut congestion.”

In the absence of any reshuffle news affecting the position of Andrew Jones MP as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at Department for Transport, BDN sent him the petition and received an electronic confirmation of receipt.



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