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Poor supply hinders June trading

Data published by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) showed that registrations in June declined by 15.7% compared to last year.

This is the second consecutive month where registrations have fallen short of 2021. That said, compared to last year, registrations have grown by 10.2% in the first half of 2022, so the outlook remains positive.

Feedback from dealers suggests that as in previous months, demand in June held up well but sales conversion was hindered by poor supply. Some dealers are not even able to take orders or deposits on certain models and are waiting for 2023 models to be announced.

Despite the ongoing challenges, the market remained fairly strong with the cost-of-living crisis not having too much of an impact.  However, there is concern that this could be felt more during Q4 when energy prices are due to increase further and combined with stock shortages, it could be a tough quarter. Interestingly, some dealers have seen an uptick in demand for commuter machines recently as a cheaper alternative to driving to work, so this end of the market could benefit during a difficult financial period.

Paul McDonald
Leisure Vehicles Editor


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