Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Powered Two Wheelers: Keeping the country moving

Right now, the whole country is facing dramatic changes to its daily life. Schools are closed and many people are working from home. However, a large number of people have to continue their regular working routine, for the benefit of us all, and need efficient, reliable personal transport to achieve this.

Scooters and motorcycles, collectively known as Powered Two Wheelers or PTWs, have provided this service for many years, writes the MCIA. Whether it’s delivering blood or medical supplies to hospitals, a meal to those who can’t go shopping or a book to fend off the boredom of self-isolation, PTWs are a vital cog in the machine of daily life and now, more important than ever.

They are also a saviour for commuters whose journey is too long to walk or cycle, or where public transport is not viable. They are easy to park, cheap to buy and run and easy to ride. They are an antidote to congestion and produce little or no emissions. And, in these troubled times, they put a smile on your face, as you enjoy social isolation while you travel!

Unlike the electric stand-up scooters that are appearing on city pavements and streets, PTWs are legal to use, durable, appropriate for our potholed roads, enjoy robust warranties and are backed by an established sales and service network.

You can join the world of PTW riders by successfully completing a one-day training course called CBT, after which you can ride a 125cc petrol, or 11kW electric PTW. In some instances, you can ride a 50cc petrol, or 4kW electric moped on your car licence. Visit to learn more and take a positive from the current crisis.


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