Saturday, April 13, 2024
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PTW registrations, May 2020

The registration stats for May 2020 are published today by the MCIA and thye will unsurprisingly show that the powered two wheeler (PTW) market has contracted, with May down by 50.4%, compared with 2019 to 5,394 units.

Within this, motorcycles are down by 57.3% to 3,632 units and scooters by 25.5% to 1,762.  Of little consolation is the fact that the result is better than the MCIA forecast, which predicted a fall of 60%.

In a statement issued this morning the MCIA commented “with PTW sales outlets reopening on 1st June, the industry-wide #unlockyourfreedom campaign now live, former public transport users searching for alternatives and some bright, sunny weather, the omens are good for a strong month ahead.”



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