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Hopes that the abrupt end to 2019 registrations growth in May was a temporary aberration have proved forlorn. MCIA statistics for June were considerably worse, suggesting economic uncertainties are really starting to undermine consumer confidence in our neck of the woods.

The total number of powered two-wheelers registered in this key peak-season month fell by 11% to 11,643. Motorcycles were 11.6% down to 9248 and scooters sank by 12.5% to 1790. The only aspects vaguely resembling good news were a 1.7% rise to 526 for mopeds and a 25.4% improvement to 79 for tricycles.

Setting aside 50cc products, the 126-650cc engine band was unique in clinging to a small measure of positivity, just 1% up to 2298. 51-125cc machines copped a 12.7% decline to 3329. The 651-1000cc sector was most severely hammered, 19.5% lower at 2914. Over-1000cc tackle dropped by 11.7% to 2509.

Among top-ten brand rankings, seven incurred double-digit percentage overall losses. Honda retained its traditional market leadership but retreated by 12.7% year-on-year with 2129 bikes plated. Triumph claimed runner-up status, improving very marginally by 0.4% to 1324. BMW completed the podium but plunged by 15% to 1154. Yamaha was relegated to fourth spot, humiliated by a painful 24.9% dive on 1119. And Kawasaki in fifth had nothing to boast about either, 16.3% in arrears to 730.

A pair of success stories then interrupted this litany of gloom. In sixth place, KTM put on 14.6% to 636. However, some 96 samples of its 300EXC enduro bike were a factor, currently benefiting from significant end-of-line discounts and therefore topping the Trail/Enduro style category.

Chinese flag carrier Lexmoto in seventh was undoubted star of the show, adding a muscular 50.2% to 619. Budget prices are now clearly pertinent in propping up smaller-capacity sales. Lexmoto maintained moped pre-eminence via the long-running leadership of Echo 50 and Hunter 50 models, and also topped June’s Supersport style category thanks to the LXR125 SY. In this context, it’s also worth noting that another Chinese bike, Qianjiang’s Keeway Superlight, took Custom honours.

Misery deepened for Suzuki in eighth through a dramatic 36% fall to 543. Ducati dropped by 13.6% to 475 in ninth place. And finally Harley-Davidson lost 24.2% at 464.

For the six months of 2019 to date, registrations are now a mere 2.9% higher at 59,465. Motorcycles have risen by 1.1% to 45,804 and scooters by 7.6% to 10,415. Mopeds are 17.4% up to 2869 and tricycles have gained 5.9% to 377.           

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