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Rental e-scooters get green light

Rental e-scooters are going to become legal on roads in Great Britain from 4 July, in an attempt to reduce pressure on public transport.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has published guidance and has reported the first rentable e-scooters could be available next week.

E-scooters are banned on pavements and will be limited to 15.5mph.  It is only recommended riders wear helmets but they will require a full or provisional motorcycle, moped or car licence to ride, and must be over the age of 16.  Privately owned e-scooters are to remain illegal on roads.

It is believed 50 local authorities have backed the scheme and have shown interest.

The DfT said in a statement that the regulations only cover rental schemes “to avoid a flood of poor-quality scooters onto the streets”.

The full guidance is available here


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