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santander works with dealers to boost business

Santander Consumer Finance (SCF) has instituted a review programme with dealers aimed at developing business through a more consultative approach utilising enhanced reporting and intelligence.

Regional managers from SCF will review alongside their supporting dealerships topics such as sales process, business performance, best practice ideas, and customer outcomes. Utilising internal and externally gathered information dealer groups will be provided with a high-level review, with more granular data available for their individual dealerships.

Reviews will generate discussion to identify business trends and key areas for development. Data is analysed and presented on a wide range of criteria including finance performance, product selection, customer retention, and key customer outcome measurements to provide the basis for an action and development strategy. Dealer training forms a big part of SCF’s offering, and their dedicated dealer training division can and will help support change our supporting dealers wish to make

Using the latest technology each review will produce a summary of the key actions agreed, delivering key foundations for taking business performance forward with clear accountability, as well as acting as useful documentary evidence for some of the key regulatory areas.    

The enhanced dealer review was developed directly from a review of dealer needs and the identification of what would help them improve their performance. The programme is already receiving positive feedback from the management of participating dealers.

Andy Green, director of marketing and innovation at Santander Consumer Finance, said: “We are delighted to be able to add these reviews to our offering and pleased to hear that our dealers are finding it useful already. Our aim is to enable dealers to succeed by helping them deliver the best possible customer outcomes while building a long-term partnership. The reviews are not intended to focus around performance numbers, but rather to be a meaningful and highly developmental programme that help our dealers be the best they can be.”


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