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Scram lift off

Due in the UK in May, Royal Enfield’s Scram 411 is said to blend street scrambler aesthetics with adventurer competence. Where scrambler variants are usually restyled road models, the Scram is based on Royal Enfield’s Himalayan mid-sized adventure machine sold since 2016 and offers much of its go-anywhere capability.

Powered by the Himalayan’s 411cc, 24bhp air-cooled single cylinder engine and retaining its agile Harris Performance-designed semi-duplex frame, the Scram has leaner, uncluttered looks intended to attract young city-dwellers worldwide. Front wheel size is reduced from 21in to 19in with front forks travel reduced by 10mm, while the seat is modified for long-range comfort. The Tripper navigation gadget first seen on RE’s Meteor and added to the Himalayan for 2021 is fitted as standard.

The Scram is available in basic and premium versions, the latter having brighter, more modernist, colour schemes and a range of accessories is available.

UK prices will be announced during April: Himalayan models are currently priced from £4799 to £5399.


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