Thursday, April 25, 2024


Using recent pandemic lockdown disruption to good effect, Brighton-based Chinese bike brand Sinnis has radically revamped its customer-facing corporate website.

The company says its team has worked hard to bring together “unique elements of visual design, user functionality and intuitiveness, while maintaining dedicated branding, research, development and SEO at its core”. The end result is an entirely brand-new Sinnis Motorcycles website.

Features include “a breath of fresh air” for model-by-model motorcycle and scooter pages, with updated images, layouts, videos and full technical specifications readily available.

A new find-a-dealer portal makes it much easier for customers to access their nearest Sinnis showroom along with key information such as distance, instant directions via Google Maps, phone numbers and website links.

And to build brand image and loyalty, a host of new Sinnis Rider Stories are presented, covering everything from a 10,000-mile adventure exploit on a pair of Sinnis Terrains to modifying the Sinnis Heist into a “Sinnister” Joker-themed motorcycle. There’s also a complete overhaul of all press reviews, videos, articles and blogs, compiled from the latest Sinnis media coverage. 

For more details, browse: or email [email protected].


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