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Sunra helps rider training schools go electric

With unleaded petrol prices going through the roof at the moment, many riders are beginning to look enviously at electric bike owners. Though range, power and purchase price are still a barrier for many, the notion of simply charging your bike at home for a couple of quid looks very tempting indeed, compared with nearly £30 to fill up a typical 17 litre petrol tank.

And those cost savings on fuel are among the benefits electric bike firm Sunra reckons it can offer to motorcycle training firms. It’s announced collaborations across the UK with training schools, who are turning to its electric bikes and scooters for training. And some are even taking advantage of their zero exhaust emissions to offer indoor training – allowing lessons in the worst of weather conditions.

Sunra’s Logan Black said: “While (increasing) registration figures in general are clearly great news for our industry, what’s really encouraging is the adoption of electric vehicles and as a result, at many training schools too. A big part of the appeal appears to be down to our products being less intimidating than ICE counterparts, but, of course, there are many other advantages, including lower cost and ease of use.”

The advantages of holding basic training indoors is perhaps most obvious for schools in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England. One such school, Saltire Motorcycles in Edinburgh, is already using Sunra electric bikes at its bespoke indoor training yard. Rider training manager Jethro Sheppard said: “The use of electric models has really hit a sweet spot for our rider training services. Not only has it made it easier for training, but using Sunra instead of petrol-powered scooters has made a significant saving in running costs.

“It’s also a far less intimidating first step on the motorcycling ladder and having an indoor space for training is an absolute game changer when it comes to initially training new riders.”


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