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super soco sets electric sales record

Super Soco has topped the overall UK electric motorcycle sales figures for 2018, becoming the first e-brand to sell more than 100 units in a year. The manufacturer is also predicting an even stronger showing this year, with two exciting new models on the way. See the model range at Expo today and tomorrow (Monday/Tuesday 21/22 January)

Since arriving in the UK in 2017, the Super Soco brand has steadily grown as motorcyclists and commuters slowly start switching to eco-friendly electric motorcycles.

The TS1200R, Super Soco’s first machine, together with the newer and faster TC, sold more than 100 units in 2018, taking over 25% of the overall market and over 33% of the L1 class market.

Arriving in dealers mid-February is the CU-X electric scooter, which enjoys a range of up to 40 miles on one charge and weighs just 70kg. Costing £2099 (with government grant), the scooter has been designed to allow riders easily to touch the ground while still allowing those over 180cm the room to stretch freely.

In April, the fastest and most powerful Super Soco model to date will arrive in dealers. The TC Max offers a top speed of 60mph and acceleration to rival the fastest petrol 125cc machines. Its 72v, 45Ah lithium-ion battery fully charges in just four and half hours and offers a maximum range of 80 miles (based on ideal summer conditions, at a constant 30mph). Target cost for this machine is £3999 (with government grant).

Richard Jordan, founder of Super Soco in the UK said, “More and more people, both existing riders and non-motorcyclists, are seeing the benefits of electric powered machines and with two new models arriving this year we’re looking forward to more people joining the eco-friendly revolution!”

  • Super Soco was founded in 2015 and launched in the UK in 2017
  • Super Soco machines are distributed in 59 international markets around the world
  • There are currently 25 dealers in the UK
  • Electricity currently costs approximately £0.12 to £0.18 per kWh, so using a Super Soco electric motorcycle means you will spend less than £1.00 per 100 miles
  • Super Soco was designed from the ground up as an electric motorcycle, following a $15m crowdfunding campaign
  • Super Soco machines are homologated for the entire European market
  • All Super Soco machines comprise an external charger and removable battery and can be charged at any common household socket.



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