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superbike school shuts and blames Brexit

California Superbike School, based at Silverstone race circuit, has gone into liquidation, blaming Brexit.

The school messaged current students expressing its deep regret. The statement read:

“After nearly 23 years the company has been forced to close due to the effects of Brexit and consequential falling numbers attending the school. This will mean that Superbike School Ltd (SSL), as a company with whom you contracted will be unable to refund you the monies we agreed to refund you at the last school. There is some possibility that a new company will be looking to take over the reins of running the school and I am hopeful that they will in some way be able to help ease your pain.”

After suggesting students investigate reclaiming their money from their credit card company, the statement went on: “As you will understand, this is tempestuous time for all concerned and we are trying to be mindful of our responsibilities to you our students, our team, sponsors and employees as well as to the outside world.”

It pointed out that California Superbike School (CSS) is a trading name of California Superbike School Inc. of the USA and, other than acting as a franchise of the school in the UK, Superbike School Ltd is financially unrelated to CSS USA.

Students are asked, in the event of further questions to [email protected]

The California Superbike School was founded by Keith Code, “the first man to observe and document the underlying principles which govern the art of riding motorcycles”.

The website says that Code formulated a step-by-step sequential programme combining his theoretical principles with practical application for the purpose of training … it is the number one technique-oriented riding school in all the worldwide locations we operate”.



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