Thursday, April 25, 2024


Taking understandable advantage of Government Job Retention Scheme (GJRS) subsidies, introduced owing to the coronavirus pandemic, Suzuki has furloughed slightly fewer than half of its HQ staff. This has come into effect initially for April and May. But the company says that might change, depending on government advice and the needs of its business.

However, Suzuki acknowledges that many of its dealers remain partially open, providing permitted workshop and parts services to customers, and has assured continuity of support for these dealers. color:#666666″>

In a letter to its network, Suzuki said: “All functions within our business remain operational, albeit on reduced staffing. Telephones and emails of the affected personnel are either redirected or updated to reflect the changes and we will provide the best support possible, as always.” color:#666666″>

And it has also asked dealers to keep in regular contact by email, updating on a daily basis whether they remain open or have closed, and the range of services they can make available to customers. Such information will assist the processing of customer enquiries coming into Suzuki GB, and redirection where necessary to the nearest dealer able to provide the services they need.   color:#666666″>


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