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The Hogfather Group restructures after drugs raid

The Hogfather Group has announced it is to restructure. The move follows the news in August that a cannabis farm and guns had been found in a police raid at its premises in Southport.

The management says the illegal activity was being carried out in a part of its Old Church premises which had been sub-let, but the episode has led the group to reconsider its future and to sell its custom-build workshop to concentrate on its online shops.

“It isn’t a decision we’ve taken lightly,” said director Terry Edwards, “and it truly breaks our hearts to oversee the closure of another motorcycle showroom, one which dealt in specialised, rare, niche and custom motorcycles and offered a bespoke virtual-design-to-physical-build facility.

“The decision was made when we discovered that a secure and separate part of our premises, which had been sublet, was found to have been used for illegal activity, leading to some sensational misreporting in the local press. In reality, this only encouraged us to bring our projected plans forward.

“Also, I’m not getting any younger. Having said that, we have a great team in place to take what we are doing even further.”

The company, founded almost two decades ago, is now disposing of its stocks of classic and custom motorcycles, learner-legal motorcycles and scooters, and larger and more expensive items including workshop equipment as it switches its entire focus to expanding its online web shops, The Hogfather Online and the Motorcycle Hyper Store.

In a wide-ranging statement issued to “ensure a balance of actual facts regarding the raid on its rented-out premises in Southport”, Edwards said: “Since its inception, The Hogfather Group has grown and seen many local, regional and global changes, including bureaucrats relentlessly doing their damndest to sterilise the motorcycle industry and the most vicious recession in generations, where many old, established and excitingly newer showrooms closed their doors for the final time.

“We have always been conscious of the many changes and challenges and launched our web shops around 10 years ago. We have spent an awful lot of time, money, and effort on research and development to get where we are today, namely an extensive online shopping experience, which has been widely praised in the motorcycling press.

“By lowering our overheads with this disposal we will be able to ensure our prices are unbeatable. In honesty, we have been reviewing this for two to three years now, but the incident in August has accelerated our soul searching and now we have made the decision to move out of the over-large premises in Southport to a smaller HQ nearby – actually a former vicarage – so Gothic Cycles lives on!”,






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