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the man who inspired bruno tagliaferri

Bruno Tagliaferri, the friendly face of Triumph who is to retire next month, has revealed the name of the man who was a major influence on him and his management style. Before being headhunted by Triumph in 1990, Tagliaferri worked for Honda.

“Eric Sulley was an influence in my life. ‘You have got to make the dealers feel good,’ he said. He made dealers feel valued.

“In 1981 there were one-third of a million bikes sold in the UK and 160,000 of them were Hondas through a network of 860 dealers. It was awesome.”

UK and Ireland sales manager Tagliaferri is to retire on 31 July after 29 years with the Hinckley factory and 44 years in the motorcycle industry. The Warwickshire man was one of the first to join in 1990 and today is the 15th longest serving member of staff. Almost 30 years on, the manufacturer is set to produce its one millionth bike.

Now aged 68, he has decided it is time to hand over the sales reins to a younger man, that man being Devron Boulton.

Bruno will not be disappearing completely. He will remain in the wings, helping his replacement settle in and making himself available for other part-time tasks that Triumph might want to involve him in.

BDN carries the story of Bruno’s retirement in the forthcoming July issue and a full interview by Brian Crichton will appear in the August magazine.



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