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the man who sold 20,000 motorcycles

Motorcycle salesman Charlie Grant has retired from Ecosse Motorcycles in Aberdeen after 42 years in the business. Paying tribute, Ecosse owner Martin Marshall said he estimated Grant had sold 20,000 motorcycles during his career, including Malagutti, Kawasaki, Montessa, Honda, Yamaha, Cossack, Peugeot and more recently Royal Enfield.

Grant worked for McGowan Motorcycles for 28 years before Ecosse. “New to the motorcycle scene in the city, I kept hearing glowing reports from customers saying how delighted they had been to have bought a motorcycle from Charlie, so I researched ‘Charlie’s motorcycle dealership’ before realising they were talking about Charlie Grant.

“I couldn’t have done what I’ve done with the business over the past 14 years without him.

“We had a lovely farewell evening and sent him off in fine style in the way that only Scots can do. He went away a happy chappy,” said Marshall.


Pictured is Charlie Grant with his wife Christine



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