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trade volunteers in northants set up free taster rides

Rider taster sessions are now available to the public in Northamptonshire, thanks to Northants Motorcycle. As reported in the March issue of BDN, Northants Motorcycle comprises dealers, training schools and other members of the trade in Northamptonshire and was formed in February to support a revolutionary campaign by biker-friendly Northamptonshire County Council to encourage more people on to two wheels. The council is the first local authority in the UK publicly and actively to support the use of motorcycles and scooters, embracing them as a sustainable transport mode within the future countywide transport programme.

The support from the local trade is being spearheaded by Ian Cooper of Cooperb Motorcycles in Bozeat at the suggestion of Steve Kenward, CEO of the MCIA which has been working with the council to provide industry support.

Northants Motorcycle was formed at a meeting in February attended by the local motorcycle business community, members of the county council’s highways department, and members of the MCIA.

It met again last month to try to set up riding taster sessions that Northants Motorcycle members could promote to their customers. Of the second meeting, Cooper said: “This meeting, sadly, was not well attended but despite this, thanks to the efforts mainly of Jane Nicholson, Karl Mendez and Trevor Lord, taster sessions will be available at Cam Rider Kettering and Karmenz Training in Northampton.

“There is also a list of [MCIA] Get On events that we can use too.

“The MCIA has been very kind in providing the services of its marketing people. However, in an effort to create the maximum effect I have persuaded Stephen Hill [a motorcycle-mad graphic designer] to help with the design of the marketing material.

“I hope to have this complete in the next two weeks and when I do I’ll be in contact. I’d like to propose we meet again in the next few weeks to progress things.”

The MCIA has already staged a Get On event locally at the beginning of March. The three-day event involving teenagers took place at a Corby Academy.

Tel 01933 665403 or 07970 777639

Stephen Hill 07586774210


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