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UK business escapes European “Super MoT” proposals

Motorcycle Action Group campaigns coordinator Paddy Tyson has reported that, further to all the other deliberations in Europe over the proposed “Super MoT”, an EU Transport Council of Ministers meeting has confirmed that they wished all motorcycles to be excluded and that the Regulation be reclassified as a Directive, so that individual member states would have more room to implement what they chose.

A press release stated that the Council agreed a general approach on a draft directive updating the common rules on periodic roadworthiness tests for motor vehicles but does not retain the European Commission’s proposals to extend periodic tests to motorcycles and light trailers, and to increase the minimum frequency of checks for older cars and light commercial vehicles from every two years to every year throughout the Union. Member states, though, are free to impose stricter rules.

This means the UK will keep its existing MoT for bikes, but won’t now be forced to separate testing centres from repair facilities (ie dealers), or introduce any of the other ideas tabled by the Commission.

“This is a huge victory for our campaign and especially the work of all the FEMA member organisations who pulled together on this and worked to influence their national governments,” said Tyson. “The EU Parliament may still argue on behalf of the Commission and the private interests who stood to gain so much from this, but it’s doubtful.”

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