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UK Roadmap sees Industry Retail Outlets Open

The 12 April marked the next phase in the governments’ Roadmap to reopening retail businesses, and a step closer to returning to ‘normal’.

Like a coiled spring, showrooms, and clothing and accessory outlets will open their doors to existing customers and those who have turned to Powered Two Wheelers (PTW), perhaps out of necessity, most definitely for pleasure, during what has been a dark time for many.

Tony Campbell, CEO of MCIA said “We’re excited to welcome existing and new riders back into dealerships at what is considered the start of the riding season for many. The demand for PTWs created during lockdown already sees trainers with waiting lists, as eager customers queue to resume training and testing.

“I feel positive about the coming months, given that during a pandemic we have seen optimistic registration figures across some sectors, and an increased acceptance that both during and coming out of these difficult times, our industry can provide the perfect transport solution, whatever the journey.

“Not only will retail restrictions ease, but travel and social restrictions also, allowing our transport solution, which has kept many safe and isolated for so many months to offer freedom, adventure, social interaction, and positive health benefits, giving both individuals and businesses the opportunity to heal and flourish”.



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