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Visordown to launch free bike-sale ads for dealers

Visordown is launching a free classified advertising section for manufacturers and dealers. The digital magazine will host the ads on its website from 18 November.

Dealers can upload their inventory to the new section via the Catalyst dealer management system (DMS) and other methods of placing ads are being explored.

William Miller, CEO of Visordown, which is owned and published by Crash Media Group, told BDN: “Certain people, given that they charge to host adverts, are making a lot of money out of it. We feel that we can provide a different service that is better value for dealers.”

Miller said the decision to launch the free classified section had been taken against a background of growth for Visordown, which was attracting 1.1 million people every month, and feedback from the customers of existing classified sites.

“I’m not sure if it’s the cost or the conversion, probably a combination of the two, but the information from third parties is that they are not happy. I can’t comment on the service that these existing platforms provide.

“At the end of the day we have all got to realise we are in the motorcycle industry together and if we don’t all get along, there might not be much of an industry left, so it’s pretty important that this happens.”

At the time of writing, in late October, 10-15 dealers had signed up for the Visordown service and it was hoped that would grow to 30 to 50 before the planned launch at Motorcycle Live.


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