Thursday, December 7, 2023


Although its network is on the verge of emerging from lockdown, with dealerships opening again imminently, Yamaha Motor UK has also put in place measures for franchisees to trade remotely through a YOU-branded online dealer programme roll-out.

“We know our dealer showrooms will initially have restrictions based on social-distancing,” explains Yamaha’s UK general manager for sales and marketing Adam Kelley. “We also understand that many of our customers will be hesitant to visit retail outlets — or at least wish to keep the number of visits to a minimum — and we must create new channels to help alleviate their concerns.”

To this end, YOU Yamaha Motor Online Dealer trade participants will be able to supply a full range of key services with almost no direct physical contact.

Customers will be able to interact with each dealer’s sales team online through one-to-one video calls, benefiting from virtual showroom tours to see available products, negotiate bike purchases and access Santander Consumer Finance funding options. Relevant documentation will then be sent to their homes, to be reviewed and signed.

They can also agree part-exchange deals remotely. And besides buying motorcycles or scooters, all products including accessories, lubricants and riding apparel will be available online. Finally, dealer personnel will deliver purchases to customers’ homes — checking over and collecting any part-exchange bike at the same time.

Kelley adds; “YOU gives customers the confidence that they can shop at our dealer network without visiting the showroom if desired, yet still receive the service they have come to expect.”    


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