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6D ATS-1: The World’s most Advanced Motorcycle Helmet


Californian based 6D Helmet’s revolutionary Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) technology is the key to what sets their ATS-1 Helmet apart from any other. ODS reduces energy transfer to the brain by means of its suspended liner’s ability to displace 3-dimensionally during any impact. 6D’s patented multi-liner system significantly reduces both angular acceleration and low-threshold energy transfer to the brain. 


6D’s revolutionary ODS technology is a fully active, in-helmet suspension and kinetic energy management system.

The ODS suspended multi-liner assembly compresses and shears omni-directionally when subjected to impact, reducing energy transfer to the brain. 

ODS functions over a much broader range of energy demands, including LOW, MID and HIGH-Velocity impacts for both ANGULAR and LINEAR accelerations when compared to other competing helmets and helmet technologies. 

There is no other helmet technology that can provide these combined energy management benefits.

To see the full technical specifications of the 6D ATS-1 please head to:


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