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A brand new ICON helmet unveiled: The ICON AIRFLITE

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Founded in 2002, ICON was created to address the modern performance rider who claimed the streets as their preferred hunting grounds. All products are designed and developed in Portland/USA. ICON always comes out with unique outstanding designs and one-of-a-kind solutions – which represent a special attitude towards riding motorcycles.


ICON has now unveiled a new helmet, it’s an iconic piece of art from the very beginning: the ICON AIRFLITE. This helmet was inspired by the bubble shields and MX helmets of the past. Rather than remake something that’s already been done, ICON went with the “retro cues with future tech” –route, that they’ve been talking about over on the ICON 1000 side.

To ensure the AIRFLITE meets all the demands of true riders, ICON got a few local riders to try out the pre-production version of the AIRFLITE. Everyone agreed: It’s the most comfortable helmet ICON has ever made. It’s obvious, even at first glance, the AIRFLITE is different compared to every other helmet on the market. The FLITESHIELD covers the chin bar,  which gives this helmet a very aggressive look – especially when a tinted shield is installed. The Airflite is equipped with a drop-down sun shield, that’s easy to operate and change. The venting is fantastic – a large chin vent, dual intake forehead vents, dual rear exhaust vents. The sculpted neckroll (initially featured on the ICON Airframe Pro) reduces drag and fatigue. The Airflite also is perfect for touring: there’s space for a Bluetooth device underneath the cheek pads and earplug stash pockets on the bottom of the cheek pads. The AIRFLITE is constructed of polycarbonate and comes in three shell sizes: XS-S, M-L, XL-3XL. The weight is 1.690 gr for a size LG. The retail prices start at £199 for the solid colours, £228 for the subtle graphics and £248 for the elaborate Good Fortune.

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