Sunday, June 16, 2024

Arai Quantic

It’s not often that a new Arai helmet arrives, and the launch of the brand’s new sports-touring helmet also sees its first ECE R22-06 compliant model in the range.
The Quantic is billed as a luxurious and comfortable helmet for long-distance rides, but which uses race-derived technology in its construction. The shell is made from (deep breath…) Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction (PB e-cLc) with a multi-density EPS liner. The rounder shape and smoother edges are also said to help with strength and performance in an impact.
There is a new duct behind the Arai logo on the crown, a chin vent, dual tear duct intakes and a combined spoiler/exhaust at the rear to provide ventilation even at city-centre speeds.
The new shell design and the use of Super Fibre belting around the base allows fitment of an intercom system without compromising rigidity, and the brushed-nylon interior incorporates an integrated wire pocket to store excess cable in the neck roll.
The Quantic comes in a range of solid colours for £499.99 SRP, plus designs by Aldo Drudi for £599.99 SRP.
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