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brand new RAM® Stem-Mount HD

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Introducing the brand new RAM® Stem-Mount HD mounting base for phones, action cameras, GPS and more.

With such a diverse number of motorcycles on the market, conveniently and reliably mounting electronics has always been a challenge as more often, there’s little to no handlebar space for attaching traditional mounts. Fortunately, through a collaboration between notable bike guru Bob Telfer and RAM Mount UK, a unique solution has emerged now known as the brand new Stem-Mount HD motorcycle base.

Available in 3 unique sizes – 13mm, 15-16mm & 19mm – and specially designed to fit a number of motorcycles; namely the BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha series’, Stem-Mount HD provides an incredibly sleek and sturdy footing for users to then subsequently utilise GPS, smartphones, action cameras and more.

Requiring no assembly, measuring or cutting to size, it’s ready to use and takes seconds to install. Simply insert the Stem-Mount HD into the exposed central fork stem, tighten the bolt using a 6mm M6 hex (Allen) key, cover the exposed bolt with the included cap for aesthetic and you’re good to go.

As the mount is tightened the cylindrical rubber plug expands within the fork stem and secures the base as though it were integral to the bike itself.

Engineered with aluminium and stainless steel finishings and a RAM® patented vibration absorbent rubber-coated 1” RAM® ball, Stem-Mount HD falls elegantly in line with the renowned quality and unique selling points synonymous with the RAM® brand. It’s rugged design allows for an unmatched level of versatility, security and will soon be destined as an enduring acquaintance to any rider.

Stem-Mount HD will be available at the end of September through your local bike dealer and distributed in the UK by TranAm (

RRP: £39.99 Inc.VAT

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