Wednesday, May 29, 2024

LiteLok X1 and X3

While everyone else in the security field seems to be following the “bigger is better” mantra by creating super-sized chains and padlocks you could use to secure a battleship, new entrant to the market LiteLok has instead invested its R&D budget into creating a new material to battle the determined thief. Barronium is a ceramic/metallic composite which is fused to a hardened high-tensile steel core before the whole lot is coated in a soft, plant-based rubber protective layer. This combination of materials gives, according to the maker’s tests, an unparalleled resistance to attacks, while remaining relatively lightweight. The steel core secures against bolt-croppers and levering attacks, and the Barronium wears down angle grinder discs at a much increased rate, meaning that a change of discs, and a lot more time, is required to cut right through. A video of an angle-grinder attack, showing how much longer it takes to sever, is available on LiteLok’s website, and testing has shown that most battery-powered angle grinders don’t have enough torque to cut through so keep stalling and eventually run out of battery.
The British manufacturer currently uses its new material in the LiteLok X1 and X3, a pair of D-locks which have passed Sold Secure Diamond rating for motorcycles and are ART4-rated for insurance purposes. The X3 also benefits from a pick-proof Abloy Sentrylock cylinder. The X1 claims to be five-times more secure than competing locks, weighs 1.7kg and has an SRP of £149.99. The X3 claims a to be fifteen times more secure, weighs 1.9kg due to being slightly thicker and has an SRP of £249.99. Both come with a frame mount for carrying. Currently they are only available direct from the manufacturer, although there are plans to set up retail distribution in the near future.
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