Friday, June 14, 2024

Motorex from Bickers

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The choice of the professionals

The many successes in racing are proof of MOTOREX’s innovative strength and development know-how. In order for the motorcyclist to be able to derive the maximum benefit from it, however, more is needed: the ongoing further development of the product line and – where it makes sense – the integration of the knowledge gained in racing. Both go hand in hand at MOTOREX. The result is products that were born in racing and bring you the greatest possible benefit in everyday life.

Bickers, the UK’s exclusive importer of MOTOREX Moto Line is proud to stock the Swiss brands whole range and is keen to let you know that contrary to previous feedback of “it’s just for KTM’s”! MOTOREX proudly support many World and Domestic teams across the globe such as, BMW World Endurance Team, Bolliger Kawasaki EWC,Bonovo MGM Racing BMW WSBK,Kawasaki MX-GP,TM Racing plus of course all the factory teams of KTM, Husqvarna and Gas Gas.

We cant think of another oil brand that is so passionate to support motorcycle sport, MOTOREX is proud to have achieved 140 World Championships with it’s racing partners and that’s before this season starts!

So you can rest assured that whether it’s Winning in Moto GP or a trip on your scooter to the local shops MOTOREX has you and your customers covered as well as offering you a healthy profit opportunity.

Contact Bickers today on, 01394-604040 or speak to your local friendly Bickers Area Sales Manager.
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