Thursday, December 7, 2023

Motorex’s Clean And Care Range

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Motorex’s Clean And Care Range Is Tested In Racing And Proven In Everyday Use.
When it’s getting towards the end of the year and jack frost starts nipping at your nose, then it’s time to prepare your motorcycle for winter storage. To avoid a shock next year why not prepare your motorcycle properly with Motorex’s new clean and care range.

Moto clean plus and universal are a environmentally neutral and fast-acting universal cleaner. The new optimised water-based formula is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and does not burn. Thanks to its intense cleaning power, moto clean plus acts quickly and thoroughly.

The cleaner can be applied sparingly with the manual pump spray and can also be used overhead thanks to its 360-degree pump application. Moto cleaners come in both 1 litre and 5 litre containers.

Moto protect spray is particularly suited to protect motorcyles when they are not used for extended periods of time. Moto protect maintains, conserves and protects surfaces from dust and contamination, moisture is repelled and the treated surfaces are protected against corrosion thanks to a fine film of oil. Moto protect is easy to use as the practical 0.5-litre spray-can can also be used overhead.

Moto shine MS1 is a perfect finish spray after cleaning a vehicle. Shine MS1 gives a lasting shine to varnish, plastic, chrome, etc, and forms an antistatic film with beading effect. Which makes this product great for vehicles at trade fairs or showrooms. Moto shine will leave your pride and joy gleaming and smelling of cherries, Lovely!

Now that the outside is all taken care of don’t forget to protect the inside too, Motorex fuel stabilizer helps prevent unleaded fuel degrading in the tank. The fuel oxidation protection additive helps to stabilize fuel during the winter season, also binds water and protects the system against rust and corrosion.

Suitable for petrol and diesel systems and the effect can last up to six months so will help with that first start up of the year.

Even if you are one of the brave riders who continue to ride your pride and joy through out the cold snaps then it is even more important to keep your motorcycle in tip top condition.

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