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new Triumph Tiger 900 Extenda Fenda EXTRA

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UK Bodywork Specialist, Pyramid Plastics, have just launched the Triumph Tiger 900 Extenda Fenda EXTRA.

Pyramid are well-known for their market leading range of Extenda Fendas, but the new EXTRA model is much longer and provides far superior protection.


The EXTRA model offers 260mm of extra protection to the OEM Guard vs the typical 150mm of the standard Extenda Fendas.

Pyramid have designed a unique bracket kit that mounts the Extenda Fenda EXTRA mechanically to the front callipers – meaning it is extremely robust once installed and doesn’t need to be rivet fitted to the guard.

You will drastically reduce the amount of cleaning time required after a ride when you install the Extenda Fenda EXTRA, you will also prolong the life of your lower engine casings and exhaust headers.

RRP is £65.00 for Extenda Fenda EXTRA.

Get more info on Pyramid’s new Triumph Tiger 900 Accessories here.

Pyramid also stock the full Puig, Ermax, Customacces, GB Racing & Eazi Grip ranges too – you can browse the full range on their website. For more info just contact Sales on 01427 677990, email [email protected] or message via Pyramid’s Live Web Chat during their opening hours of 9/5:30pm.

You can also join Pyramid’s new Trade Website – just contact: [email protected] to get activated.

You can also view the full product range at

Tel: +44 (0)1427 677990
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