Thursday, April 25, 2024

OptiMate 4 Quad

Billed as “the ultimate battery charger and maintainer” by its maker, the new OptiMate 4 Quad Program has got some hype to live up to. Suitable for 12v lead-acid or lithium batteries, whether fitted to bikes, quads, side-by-sides or jet skis, the Quad Program uses a nine-step process to automatically charge and condition a battery. The process automatically adjusts the charging current, and can diagnose any damage present. When charging is complete it switches over to a maintenance regime, which can be left long-term for over-wintering or storage purposes.

Two charging programs (lead-acid or lithium) are dedicated to BMW bikes using the CAN-Bus accessory socket for connection, with a similar pair suitable for other models using direct-to-battery connection.

SRP is £83.90, or £95.90 including a CAN-Bus compatible connection cable.

Probike; 01604 660555;

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